Early Bird

To the morning people out there.

Waking up by the sun tickling your nose.

Mornings are my best way to get inspired by Mother Nature: when the sun rises on the horizon my head is full with ideas immediately.

I then listen to music and leave everything on a paper or my phone so that I won’t forget a single one. Besides I have the feeling that you are more powerful thus more energetic and content for the rest of the day. Use this energy to create something new and something you are interested in! As if you have a bad day, remind you of what you were doing to push your mood up. Be proud of what you create and don’t let others bring you down for perhaps not agreeing their opinion.

Keep smiling and be creative!

White sneakers w/ streaked pants

Helloo everybody,

are you also so happy that it’s getting warmer with every single day? My mood changes completely and I am way more relaxed or determined to get things done. But what to do, if you want to wear an outfit that is not too short but also fits for hot days perfectly? Here is how I have figured it out.

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Staying Fit w/ Bellabeat

We all know this situation: At the beginning of the year we make plans what we will change this year and what we want achieve, e.g. the summer body or eating healthier. First we are the best version of motivation and motivated to reach our goals but after a while it decreases and we are at the same point the year before.. Continue reading “Staying Fit w/ Bellabeat”

12 facts about me

Hey guys!

You may think when you see pictures of me staring into the camera, I seem to be a quite serious and ordinary girl. But appearances can be
deceptive.. Here are 12 facts about me, you probably did not know!

Viele von euch denken wahrscheinlich, wenn sie mich auf meinen Bildern sehen, dass ich ein gewöhnliches und normales Mädchen bin. Aber dieser Schein kann trügen.. Hier 12 Fakten über mich, die ihr wahrscheinlich noch nicht wusstet! Continue reading “12 facts about me”