Ways to overcome your sleepyhead

Especially in winter, when it's cold and dark outside until 8 a.m. in the morning, getting up and shifting myself to school is such a hard job. So, I was thinking about some ways to start more energetic and motivated in the day (which work for me).  1) Evening routine: It already begins with the evening … Continue reading Ways to overcome your sleepyhead

How to: finding your personal style

Are you also one of these people admiring others for their perfect outfits? Do you ever wonder how this girl knows how to combine her clothes and still look like she didn't make any effort? It's because they have personal style! - In this post a little guide may help you to find YOUR personal style in 4 Steps!

Short trip: Rope Bridge Geierlay

Weekends are for spending time together with family and friends. So why not go on a short trip? Sometimes cool places like the rope bridge Geierlay are not far away from you and so nice to see. It took us around one hour to get there by car. But I would recommend to start very early or late as … Continue reading Short trip: Rope Bridge Geierlay

Sunset Lover x Monki

Last week I visited my sister Julia, currently living in Berlin, and we, of course, took some pictures during my stay. I personally loved the ones we took together on a basketball court as the sun went down and everything was suffused with golden light. | Follow Julia (Instagram & Website) | Even when we just … Continue reading Sunset Lover x Monki