Cold winter days

Due to the low temperatures, we all have to keep us warm and cozy at those cold winter days. Even if it is just for a quick walk around the corner or for jumping from one place to another one. Of course there cannot be missing a fluffy, extraordinary coat combined with my all-time-favourite boyfriend jeans. But in winter? I show you how I passed the border and I'm looking forward to find out what you think about my outfit.


Chokeberry Oatmeal 

ingredients:      ~100ml milk of your choice porridge Veríval oats chokeberries chia & quinoa (puffed) seeds procedure: Put the milk in a small pot und heat it. When vapor ascends, add the oats, a handful of chokeberries and the seeds. Watch out that it does not burn and stir occasionally. When the smooth mass bubbles … Continue reading Chokeberry Oatmeal