Cold winter days

Due to the low temperatures, we all have to keep us warm and cozy at those cold winter days. Even if it is just for a quick walk around the corner or for jumping from one place to another one. Of course there cannot be missing a fluffy, extraordinary coat combined with my all-time-favourite boyfriend jeans. But in winter? I show you how I passed the border and I’m looking forward to find out what you think about my outfit.

A short tip not to get cold ankles and legs:

put on a pair of nude tights under your boyfriend jeans. You will not see them at all and do not freeze.

I pimped up my outfit with a pair of glasses (no, I do not wear them normally, I just found them quite cool ;-)) and with a black velvet choker. Added to that the black leather belt matches perfect, in my opinion.


In 2016, boyfriend-jeans were the must-have of the year! You could find the trending clothes in any combination: with a cropped top, bodies, and so on. I still really love them, so why not also combine them in winter with a fluffy coat and ankle boots? Check! Only because of the low temperatures, you are not able to wear whatever you want.

What do you think about how I have styled my outfit? Any ideas for improvement? Let me know in the comments below, send me a mail ( or contact me via my social media!


Sophie xx





Photographer      Julia Linkogel

Her Instagram     @madame.jules


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