My favourite hotspots in Mainz

Since I love to go out for some delicious food, especially with friends, I want to show you one of my favourite cafés and resturants in my hometown Mainz (Mayence) today.

So, if one of you has the chance to visit Mainz, then you should definitely try my first spot:

Wilma Wunder

When we entered this charming café I was just impressed by the lovely interior and atmosphere. Everything matched so well, it was stunning. Somebody must have had a good taste, I thought. 🙂

img_8498img_8497img_8500 The waitress was super friendly and we did not wait a second until we were welcomed. Although it was quite crowdy upstairs, we instantly received a table in the outer corner. On the menu you just found so many delicious meals and it was sooo hard decide, in my opinion. There is also a huge offer for vegetarian and vegan people.


My second tip is the little, but also very cute café Muffin’s.

It is located next to the shop Vero Moda. Besides the red retro armchairs throw you back into the 60’s while enjoying your meal. You will find the best cake and bagels there! So definitely worth a try. My favourite combi: Chai Latte (the violet one) + a bagel with creamcheese! Yummy!


As I loooovee asian food, I have to mention the Ban Thai:

You can find the best Thai food there, I’ve ever tried.They also have a huge offer, but my all-time favourites are the Khao Pahd and the spring rolls.

I’m also so in love with their Thai flair which must have something to do with the golden sculptures and the bamboo silverware.

Another hotspot for asian food is also the MoschMosch. (pics coming soon.)

Last but not least: Hans im Glück.

This little restaurant is already spread all over Germany. Their cool concept, simple but delicious, pleases me a lot! They have huge offer of selfmade burgers, also veggie and vegan, and also salads and side dishes as well. Definitely try the sweet potatoe fries! They taste like heaven!!


I hope you liked my little summary about my favoriteIMG_8510.jpg hotspots for eating! If you know any further cute cafés and restaurants, please let me know! I’m always for trying something new. 🙂

Wish you all a great weekend!

Love, Sophie xx



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