Street Food Market (Mainz)

Last weekend I went to a street food market in a neighborhood of Mainz. Burgers in many different variations were the main topic of this market and I want to show my impressions and my favorite ones today.

At the entry you were required to pay 3€ but I think that’s okay due to the amazing location. It took place in an old factory and the misty atmosphere fit perfectly. The procedure is as follows: You try as many burgers as you can and in the end you vote for in your opinion best one.


We tried the Turbobao first and I think it was one of the best I’ve ever tried!! The flavour was very asian, so not a typical burger, but so delicious. The mango sauce with the nuts and the black bread made it quite special. The reason why I did not vote for it: the bread was too soft and weak so that everything melt away.


Our second stop was the Galbi Burger. Their specialty was the very smoky (maybe because of the BBQ sauce) and spicy taste. The boys liked it a lot,  but it was not my favorite.


Even when this one is not something to eat, I also have to mention it here (just due to its cuteness!!) The woman was super friendly and she told us that you can book them for events or for parties. Unfortunately we had no time left to take some photos..


Although we did not try the Bordstein Schwalbe, their decoration pleased me a lot! But I also heard that they have really great burgers , too. But pssht!


Our next stop was the Pitty’s which offered Indian burgers! I also liked the created atmosphere having an Indian touch beside the most delicious burger. I voted for it as the best burger due to having a special flavour mixed with the traditional recipe. Top!


Last but not least, I certainly had to try a vegan burger. The combination of falafel and avocado creme was so soo good. But one point that failed: It did not have this really special kick which the other burgers did.


There was also huge offer of dessert even if it was not the main topic. The frozen yoghurt was definitely worth it althouh we were soo full!! 😀

I also found it important that the organizer provided some biertables where you could sit on or some comfortable red seat cushions giving a relaxed atmosphere.

As already mentioned, you were required to vote for your favorite burger. I really have to admit that there was none of the burgers which was an extreme flop! They were all so special in their own ways so that I was soo hard to decide.




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