Staying Fit w/ Bellabeat

We all know this situation: At the beginning of the year we make plans what we will change this year and what we want achieve, e.g. the summer body or eating healthier. First we are the best version of motivation and motivated to reach our goals but after a while it decreases and we are at the same point the year before..

I am actually  not a fan of these typical fitness trackers due to looking too sporty or chunky. But then I found this super cool one: I would like to introduce you to a little helper keeping you fit throughout the year and the same time looking super stylish.

Photo 27-03-2017, 16 26 37.jpg

Photo 27-03-2017, 16 50 30.jpg

N41C2131 2b.jpg

It works as following:

Once you bought your tracker you can download the optimised App. First you calibrate your personalized tracker, then you gain access to lots of features, e.g. activity (the most important), sleep but also how to deal and decrease your stress level. So you see it’s worth the price and already a lot of people tried the new accessory being super content.


There are also two ways to style it in your everyday or sports outfit. Today I decided to wear the necklace option. Besides, you can also wear it as a bracelet (more inspiration on the website). I also very like the extraordinary but also simple design which matches to almost every look perfectly.

Photo 27-03-2017, 16 36 23Photo 27-03-2017, 16 39 18

All in all, I think it is a helpful but also stylish invention if you are inconsistent with concentrating on your goal or just want to live more consciously. In addition, it also has some cool extras you can use beside the activity tracking.

What do you think? Have you tried any similar yet?

Until next time! xx

Added to that, I just want to mention that it is a cooperation with Bellabeat. I would not present it to you if I did not think that it is not helpful and if I would not stand behind the product. I am just sharing my own opinion and am not paid for it.


Tracker – Bellabeat

Bra – Motel Rocks


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