One week in Agadir, Morocco

As I am back from my trip to Morocco and due to taking some nice pictures which I want to show to you, I have decided to share my real impressions and tips with you.

On Tuesday, we took the plane from Munich to Agadir at about 11 o’clock. After a 4 hour-long flight we finally landed in Agadir in the afternoon. Please note that Morocco is one hour ahead (the airline did not tell us..)



In front of the airport there are a lot of poor people who want to help you with your baggage and take an amount of money for that. It is quite annoying. So I would recommend to just get rid of them because once they pulled a fast one on us.

When we finally found a taxi which would take us to our hotel everything went well. After half an hour we arrived at the paradise: The area was full of palm trees, cactus and a Maroccan touch. We were welcomed very friendly and open-minded so that we felt relaxed and were in a good mood immediately. Added to that we were offered some drinks and snacks which were delicious! I thought, this is going to be an awesome week.


Therefore, after the Check-in, we made it to our rooms which were at the garden area. I have to mention that it was always tidy in our room and quite enough space for two people.

First we unpacked before exploring the area to get our stuff out of our way. At around 7 o’clock we got ready for dinner because we were starving, actually. On the terrace the stuff offered a sundowner to the sunset. The light created a magic atmosphere.


But the buffet did not disappoint us either. There was huge offer from food all over the world. Of course there could not be missing the traditional food from Morocco which also was very pleasant. The best were definitely the daily fruits and ripe strawberries. I have never eaten so tasty strawberries before!


After that long day we just went to bed and slept like babies…

On the next morning the sun woke us up through the huge room window and breakfast was calling. There was also a huge buffet in the morning from 7.30 to 11a.m. You could find scrambled eggs, waffles, pancakes, cereal, and, and, and… So everyone found something to eat quickly.

Everyday, the hotel offered different activities, e.g. a one day trip to Marrakech or just some sport courses. For those who like Tennis, you can rent a court for a limited time or take a training lesson, but also surfing in the Atlantic is possible. We always also played table tennis with some other teens so that it was much more fun.

Indeed, you could just be lazy and stay the whole day at the pool. Due to the hot und bright African sun we had to protect our skins carefully. Of course it was me who got sunburned on the back very bad although I used sunscreen. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So be careful! It really makes a difference betwen the sun in Europe and Africa.


Most of the days proceeded like this, laying in the sun, doing some sport activites or visting the Spa for a sauna round. Aaand eating a lot. But I enjoyed it to the fullest.

One of the biggest highlights was especially the performance from one of the best cover bands of Germany: The Westbunch. Although I actually listen to other stuff, I really loved the band and they made such a animated atmosphere. We were dancing and singing like there was no tomorrow until the singer told us to join him on stage. He was such a cool guy named Sven. Even when the whole crowd stared at us, we accepted his invite and rocked. It was definitely such a cool experience. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures during the show.

But also the search for golden easter egg, as every year (I found it once), on easter sunday was a big topic these days. I cannot say that I could have been bored.

On the last day, my parents gifted me a vital-massage at the Spa as my easter present. I really have to say that I never had such a good massage before. They used argan oil for the massage so that your skin was extremely rich with nutritions and smooth afterwards. Hmmmm! ๐Ÿ™‚


When I come to a conclusion, I really enjoyed my stay in Agadir, even if it has been my second one, and I would come back again. All the people were so kind and friendly and did everything to feel you relaxed and comfortable.

To whose are planning to go there, also take step out of the hotel to discover the area and maybe also a typical Maroccan market (we did this last time). When I hear people say if it is not too dangerous to go there… Due to the current circumstances around the world you cannot feel safe anywhere if you think about it. The land is suffering because the airlines start to cancel the flights so that the tourism decreases more and more.

Do not be afraid to live. Say yes to new adventures!



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