White sneakers w/ streaked pants

Helloo everybody,

are you also so happy that it’s getting warmer with every single day? My mood changes completely and I am way more relaxed or determined to get things done. But what to do, if you want to wear an outfit that is not too short but also fits for hot days perfectly? Here is how I have figured it out.


I decided to combine some white leather sneakers with those long streaked pants in blue and white to give my outfit a little eyecatcher. I think, although they have a wide cut, they flatter the body and make your legs, due to the high waistband, even longer.


The ripped but simple crop top adds coolness to the very casual look. But to not let it look like too casual, I added some golden and shiny braceletts. So you could also wear it on special events.


Last but not least, there cannot be missing my all time favourite sunglasses: They are not just perfect for protecting your eyes (and for avoiding wrinkles 😉 ), but rather also a nice accessory to round up your outfit.

How do you like my outfit? Would you also wear it like this, what would you change? Let me know below! 🙂

Sophie xx


I was wearing

Sneakers  Steve Madden

Pants  Supré (similiar 1,2,3,4)

Top  Brandy Melville



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