Travel diary: Munich

Due to beeing almost a second home for me, I decided to go on a week-end trip with my lovely girls to Munich.

We stayed 3 days at my grandma’s so that we did not have to spend much money on the accomodation. Indeed the train which took us from Mainz to Munich was really expensive for us four.


Day one: After a 4 hour-long ride, we finally arrived in Munich where my grandma picked us up (luckily). We had some strawberry cake in the warm sun first and then headed to the famous Olympiapark located in the north-west.


We took a stroll around the lake and decided to rent a boat for a tour. Although it was quite expensive (8€ for half an hour), we could not miss this adventure. During cruising on the lake we were listening to music and had a lot of fun.

Afterwards we wanted to have an overview over Munich so that we took the elevator up on the Olympic tower. As it was one of my friend’s birthday, she was free, but the others and me had to pay 7€ for each ticket. Buut.. it was definitely worth it!


After this exhausting day, we returned to my grandma’s and had a delicious dinner before the final of Germany’s Next Topmodel, a very famous contest, started.

Day 2: Already at 8 o’clock in the morning our alarm clock woke us up with an annoying sound. But it was necessary to get everything done we planned in one day.

Shortly after breakfast, we took the Underground to the Olympiapark again since we had tickets for a Street Art exhibition of artist from around the world.


It took us around one hour until we were finished and then headed into downtown. Our first stop was the Marienplatz, the heart of Munich. From there you can get everywhere!

At 12 o’clock, there is a chime of the Frauenkirche: Everyday it plays a different melody while thousands of people listen to it. Then we made it to the Viktualien market – a market which is opened throughout the year – and were flashed by all the amazing stuff they offered there.


Due to literally starving we decided to eat lunch at the Hofbräuhaus, a very famous restaurant in Munich. Here, you can eat the most typical food of Bavaria like pretzel and roast pork. But even for veggies they have plenty of options.


After eating so so much (we felt like stuffed geese), we went shopping for a couple of hours. Of course, I found some pieces even though I promised before that I cannot buy much clothes.. But I could not resist. 😀

At the end of the day we just were extremely exhausted so that we sat down on one CityTour Bus taking us through the city. It is a nice opportunity if you have never been to Munich before as you get a great overview of the most important sights.

Day 3: On the third and also last day we only had half of the day since our train back home left in the afternoon.

To relax a little and enjoy the last hours in the city, we headed to the English Garden in the centre of Munich where also the well-known wave for surfers is located. At the ‘entrance’ of the huge park you can watch young men surfing on the wave in the extremely cold water. That is why the river is called Eisbach.

We strolled through the park under the high trees and enjoyed the calm atmosphere. For a snack we sat down in the beer garden and ate a super delicious and big pretzel! Yummy 🙂


At around 3 p.m. we had to get our train from the main station. Luckily we had planned enough time so we were not in hurry. Sad and exhausted we got on the train for our ride back home promising that this had not been our last trip together to Munich. I would also recommend to stay one day longer than we did so you do not have to rush through everything. Another sight which is nice to see is the castle Nymphenburg with its huge garden.

Thank you, girls, for this amazing time I will never forget!



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