Sunset Lover x Monki

Last week I visited my sister Julia, currently living in Berlin, and we, of course, took some pictures during my stay. I personally loved the ones we took together on a basketball court as the sun went down and everything was suffused with golden light.

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Even when we just spent 4 days together, I realized again how much I love and need her! For me, she is the best sister I could wish for. And I have to admit that I suffer under the distance we are apart.

So, be happy if you have your loved ones around you. This is the best what can happen to you, even via distance. Be grateful for the people who love you and do not think about the ones who may envy you or treat you badly. There will always be people who will not like what you are doing, just because it is ‘different’ or not mainstream.

Keep moving forward, do your own thing and do not let others bring you down.

Photo 17.06.17, 8 47 28 PMPhoto 17.06.17, 8 48 33 PMPhoto 17.06.17, 8 49 06 PMPhoto 17.06.17, 8 49 08 PM


Monki Cropped Tee

Zara Pants (similar here)




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