Mallorca Update

Hey hoo! Finally, I am able to write this update about my this year's holidays on the lovely island Mallorca. I'll share some tips and places to go with you, and a lot of pictures!!!


Short trip: Rope Bridge Geierlay

Weekends are for spending time together with family and friends. So why not go on a short trip? Sometimes cool places like the rope bridge Geierlay are not far away from you and so nice to see. It took us around one hour to get there by car. But I would recommend to start very early or late as … Continue reading Short trip: Rope Bridge Geierlay

What to fall for this fall

Can you also not believe that summer is already over? Day by day, the temperatures are falling steadily from now on and the sun rises later than normal. Waking up in the dark is the hardest part for me. Especially, when you attend school at your first lesson and leave at your last - 5 … Continue reading What to fall for this fall