What to fall for this fall

Can you also not believe that summer is already over? Day by day, the temperatures are falling steadily from now on and the sun rises later than normal. Waking up in the dark is the hardest part for me. Especially, when you attend school at your first lesson and leave at your last – 5 p.m.

Hence, I am so much more content if the sun shines the whole day and the temperature scale climbs with every hour. So recently, my family and me decided to go on a day trip to Wiesbaden, Germany to enjoy the last warm days.


In this fall season, I still love to wear mom-jeans as they are a must-have piece this year. You can combinate them with almost every style, let it be chic and classy or just a casual outfit for a sunday walk. It is the base of your outfit with which you create anything.

As I adore pale and classy colors, I kept my outfit very simple: the different but also matching brown nuances add some ‘color’ to the look.

Also the structure of the pieces are in great value: ripped, soft, smooth or rough.

To add a little minimalism which I loovvee, I wore some golden jewelry, as rings, earrings, a watch and a bracelette. If you want to keep a cooler atmosphere, use silver.


When it really turns colder, I would recommend to wear a flat coat matching your main outfit color lasting at least unil your hollow of the knee.

Let me know your fall fav’s and take care! ❤️
I was wearing

Kapten&Son watch

Weekday jeans (via Asos)

Zara sweater

Jewelry (Asos)

H&M bag


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