Short trip: Rope Bridge Geierlay

Weekends are for spending time together with family and friends.

So why not go on a short trip? Sometimes cool places like the rope bridge Geierlay are not far away from you and so nice to see.

It took us around one hour to get there by car. But I would recommend to start very early or late as it is very crowded all over the day. Better: if you are able to go during the week.

When we arrived at the parking lot, we still had to walk 1.5 km to the bridge but it was not that far. After making our way through the woods and trails, we finally spotted our destination!


The bridge is about 360 meters long and lies in the height of 100m. So nothing for those with fear of heights as the bridge swings a little when many people walk over it.

But it is definitely worth it! You have an amazing view over the woods and the valley when you arrived at the middle.



Afterwards we headed to a cute café on the other side of the bridge for some cake and coffee! They offered plenty of different variations which tasted extremely delicious. And they are all selfmade with organic ingredients. Thumbs up! 

Besides, if you have more time you should make a detour to the old castle Burg Eltz which is 40km northern. I hope I can you show this sight once, too.

Take care and smile! 🙂


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