Travel Diary: Munich #2

It‘s going in the second round. (see my 1st travel diary about Munich here)

Due to (finally) having autum holidays, my boyfriend and me visited Munich for one week together. As we undertook some more different things as in my other post I decided to share my latest tips and my experiences with you.

Let us start with the first day: Saturday! (After arriving at Friday night at my Grandma’s we just went into bed.)

As it was one of the last days the popular Oktoberfest (until October, 3) took place, we did not have any other possibility than going there. It’s the best if you take the underground and do not go there by car. If you drink beer that’s the best option either.

The best time to visit is definitely during the week and already around mid time; the Wiesn (on the Theresienwiese) opens in the early hours. Also take a stroll over the Oide Wiesn! It’s just little part of the whole Oktoberfest (and you have to pay 3€ for entrance) but it is definitely worth it. Everything’s decorated and constructed like it used to. Maybe you already saw some pictures/ videos in my Instagram stories.

Just get your own impression whether you like it or not. For me, it always feels like coming home. (And do not forget to wear a Dirndl or leather pants!)

Sunday: Munich also offers a lot of cultural opportunities as the Pinakothek, the BMW museum or the memorial of the first concentration camp in Germany in the quarter Dachau.

We decided to head to the museum of modern art. For students it is completely free in addition.


Afterwards it was time for lunch. We walked around a little until we found this super cool burger restaurant called Holy Burger. (I did not like my salad bowl at all, but the rest was really delicious!)


Monday: In the morning I had to get up quite early as I was meeting with the photographer Carolin Unrath for a quick shoot. The pictures are definitely coming soon!

Then my boyfriend joined us in a cute café afterwards. Of course, a shopping tour could not be missing and we went from one shop to another. I also found some cool checked pants at Brandy Melville. Which is your favorite store right now?

Tuesday: If you have some extra time, I recommend to go out of the city for one day to visit one of the nearby lakes around Munich. As my dad lives next to the Ammersee, we took one day from our trip to head over to his house. When the weather is quite nice, you can go swimming in Summer or just go for a walk along the lake’s promenade.

Wednesday: Also a very lovely place for a relaxed walk with a pleasant surrounding is the castle Nymphenburg with its wide garden. I could walk there forever. (A nice track for running, too!)


IMG_5963Besides, it was my mother’s birthday so that we enjoyed something to drink in the warm sun in the café Palmenhaus.


Thursday: Now, it was my turn! In the morning we brunched in a lovely location in the quarter Nymphenburg. The food was absolutely delicious, and even I could find something in the menu! (best pancakes I’ve ever eaten)


Afterwards I wished to head to the Botanical Garden as I love plants and also wanted to take nice pictures (for you ;D). Just get an impression on your own.



Later on, we simply ate (the most delicious) cake at my grandma’s.

But the most precious highlight was definitely the ballet “Giselle” in the national theater. We dressed up for the night (I was wearing a long black dress with an open back) and it was just amazing!!! Always take a look what shows are currently on and get yourself some tickets. It is so worth it.

I hope I could give you some more tips and impressions what to do and see in Munich. Even though I am here so often, I just love city and it never gets boring.

If you ever have the opportunity to go there, use it! You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Lots of love, Sophie xx


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