Flashing back to 2017

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2017 is almost over now. And somehow, I have feeling that it just came and already rushes away.

But looking back, it was a year full of ups and downs, experiences and great adventures.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who made my year a little more interesting and worthy.

Things, I achieved:

  • Travelling a lot: Travelling is always a way for me to escape my everyday life and remind myself how huge our planet is and how small our own problems can be. It means to be free and not being tied to one single place. Highlights are e.g. the trip to Munich with my girls, being on holiday with my boyfriend, going to Berlin and London or just enjoying the lovely sun on Mallorca.

  • Meeting new people: Nowadays, it is way more simple to connect to new people through social media or other internet platforms.Especially Instagram made it possible for me to grow and arrange shoots with models which would have never been achieveable without. Next year I will definitely continue with that!

  • Becoming a vegetarian: I am really proud to officially call me a vegetarian now. Not because of the mainstream going through social media, but rather to contribute to a change in our culture and industry. Still too many animals are abused due to the high demand on meat which I can not accept ethically. I do not want to convince anyone here but at least think about what you mostly support.

  • Hitting 1k on Instagram: For some people this might not be something exciting. For me, it means that there are more than thousand people out there appreciating my work. Thank you so much for your support again.

โ€ฆ there still is more that could be mentioned but I do not want to bother you any longer.


Goals for the next year:

  • Travelling more, of course!

  • Continuing working as a photographer and model.

  • Sticking to my diet!

  • Being more patient.

  • Working out more in the gym (I barely went there this year..)

  • Blogging more and focusing on life.

  • Spending less money on clothes which actually will be very difficult..

Sometimes, it was a great year but also a year with many horrible and terrifying events shocking all of us.

This year also reminded me how important family and friends are! Keep your loved ones around you and tell them that you are happy to have them. They are the true people supporting and helping you in difficult times. Be there for them if they need your people and try your best to make them feel comfortable. Life is short!

Now, I am looking forward to spending the last days of the year in the snowy Austria with part of my family, going skiing and just having a good time! Have a look on my Instagram story to follow me through my day. ๐Ÿ™‚

What are your expectations and intentions for 2018? I’m curious!

See you next year,

Sophie xx


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