Early Bird

To the morning people out there.

Waking up by the sun tickling your nose.

Mornings are my best way to get inspired by Mother Nature: when the sun rises on the horizon my head is full with ideas immediately.

I then listen to music and leave everything on a paper or my phone so that I won’t forget a single one. Besides I have the feeling that you are more powerful thus more energetic and content for the rest of the day. Use this energy to create something new and something you are interested in! As if you have a bad day, remind you of what you were doing to push your mood up. Be proud of what you create and don’t let others bring you down for perhaps not agreeing their opinion.

Keep smiling and be creative!

12 facts about me

Hey guys!

You may think when you see pictures of me staring into the camera, I seem to be a quite serious and ordinary girl. But appearances can be
deceptive.. Here are 12 facts about me, you probably did not know!

Viele von euch denken wahrscheinlich, wenn sie mich auf meinen Bildern sehen, dass ich ein gewöhnliches und normales Mädchen bin. Aber dieser Schein kann trügen.. Hier 12 Fakten über mich, die ihr wahrscheinlich noch nicht wusstet! Continue reading “12 facts about me”

My story of photography

Hello lovely people out there!!

Since many of you have asked me, which camera and lenses I usually use, I came to the point asking myself whether I should not write a blogpost about it. I will also show you some older photos of me shot by my sister.

Da mich viele von Euch schon mehrfach gefragt haben, welche Kamera und Objektive ich zum Fotografieren benutze, habe ich mich dazu entschlossen, einen Blogpost für Euch zu verfassenIch zeige Euch außerdem einige ältere Bilder von mir, die meine Schwester gemacht hat.

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Planning fever w/ odernichtoderdoch

Hallöchen meine Lieben!!

Ich wünsche Euch zu allererst einen schönen 1. Advent! Verrückt, wie die Zeit vergangen ist, findet ihr nicht? Deshalb muss ich auch schon bald wieder anfangen, das nächste Jahr zu planen, denn es soll ja alles genausten organisiert sein. ❤️

Heey guys!!

First of all, I want to wish you a lovely first Advent! Isn’t it crazy how time is running? This is why I already have to start planning my next year because everything should be organized very well. ❤

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